Caesar Magic
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 Live on Stage, SATURDAY MAY 27 2017

 as Featured in Super Bowl Live 2017 & FOX 26

Master Magician Caesar presents his brand new theater show that will leave you speechless and gasping in astonishment.

“Moments of Wonder” is unlike anything you've ever seen.  Caesar blends magic & mind reading into an extraordinary experience. He will read your mind and make predictions that seem so unreal, but thats just the beginning.

The show is custom designed for today's modern audience; No hoaky props, bunnies, or cheesy jokes. “Moments of Wonder” is a genuine experience of mystery that will astound you from beginning to end! 

“WOW, Unbelievable!”- FOX 26 Houston

"A Must See!" - Dog The Bounty Hunter

"This is some crazy shit!" - 50 Cent Curtis Jackson

Running Time : 70mins (approx)

SATURDAY MAY 27 2017  6pm & 8:30pm

Live at MATCH - Midtown Arts & Theater Center


Wheres the show at?  its at MATCH - Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston.  3400 Main St. Houston, TX 77002

Is there audience participation? The audience is actively involved throughout the entire performance

How long is the show? The show is approximately 70mins. 

Can I take my kids? This production is not suitable for children under 12 years of age. 

Is there a dresscode?  We ask people to be in either business casual to formal attire.

Are food and drinks included in the price of the ticket? No. Tickets are for admission only. Wine, beer and cocktail beverages will be available for sale.

What time should I arrive to the event? Doors will open 20mins before show starts, We advise everyone to get there at least 30mins prior to showtime.